ourwristbandsIn honor of Alexander’s three month anniversary in heaven and Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month, we had wristbands made to serve as a vehicle for raising awareness about pregnancy and infant loss and sharing our story. You can read more here about the beginning of Wristbands for Alexander.

Each wristband says “#AlexanderScott / Pregnancy & Infant Loss” on the outside. The inside says, “Read our story at erinhaligowski.wordpress.com.” It is our hope that the wristbands might also lead people to this blog so that they can read more about Alexander and gain more awareness about pregnancy and infant loss.

The response from family and friends was overwhelming. The first day we shared about them on Facebook, my phone blew up with messages from friends all over the country. “How can I get one?” “Can I get several so I can share about Alexander?” “Can I pick some up today?”

We originally ordered 400 wristbands thinking we were being generous and that we’d have them to give out for the rest of our lives, but it pretty quickly became apparent that 400 might not be enough. The story of pregnancy and infant loss needs to be told. Alexander’s story needs to be told.

So, in order to streamline the process we’re doing a few things:

Streamlining the ordering process. We’ve created an online request form for wristbands. We are more than happy to send wristbands for you and your family, and in some cases we’ll gladly send some more so you can have a stash to hand out as well.

Accepting donations to help with postage or ordering more wristbands. From the very beginning we have wanted these wristbands to be our gift–a way that we as parents can honor Alexander and share his story, and a way for us to empower our friends and family to share his story and support us in a tangible way. We hadn’t necessarily thought through additional costs of sending wristbands to friends all over the country or of buying additional batches of wristbands.  You can help us out by making a donation via PayPal.me.