30 Lessons in 30 Years (Part VII)

There are certain times of year that naturally push me to spend a bit more time reflecting than I spend doing. Those times of year tend to coincide with natural transitions–the turn of a new year, the change of seasons, and of course birthdays. This year, as I inch closer and closer to the three-decade milestone, I … Continue reading 30 Lessons in 30 Years (Part VII)


I'm just about done working my way through the audiobook version of Jon Acuff's book Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job (Thanks to it being recently free for download on Noisetrade!). I actually listened to most of it yesterday on my way to and from Indianapolis for the You Lost … Continue reading Hustle.

52X7: Phase One Goals

As promised, here are my goals for the first phase of 52x7 in 2013. As a reminder, here's the plan: Pick a goal or two in each of the 7 areas of life. (E.G. Physical = Working out 4 days a week.) Crush said goals for 52 days. Drop the ones I hate at the … Continue reading 52X7: Phase One Goals

Information Overload: Your Key Knowledge Areas

This is the second post in a four part series on information overload loosely based on some takeaways from the book Surviving Information Overload by Kevin A. Miller (Zondervan, 2004). You can read Part I here. I recently finished reading this book, ironically, from the screen of my brand new Amazon Kindle while also in the midst of reading … Continue reading Information Overload: Your Key Knowledge Areas

Friday Five: June 10, 2011

Random thoughts from this week:We're moving tomorrow. We're picking up the moving truck at 1:30pm today. Friends and family are coming over tonight to help load the truck. Tonight will be our last night in Club Cellar, and we'll be sleeping on an air mattress with probably nothing more than a duffel bag of necessities … Continue reading Friday Five: June 10, 2011

The In Between

With my last day at Parma Lutheran Church this past Sunday and my first official day at Epiphany Lutheran Church not until June 16th, I am for the time being in what I am lovingly referring to as the (very brief) season of in between. Believe it or not, this is the longest season (12 … Continue reading The In Between