Double Rainbows.

We're pregnant.* It feels like this sort of announcement deserves an asterisk. So, if you've found your way here from facebook or instagram or elsewhere, here goes nothing: It is with cautious optimism, much fear, and a healthy dose of hope, that Scott and I announced this morning that we are expecting our "rainbow" babies … Continue reading Double Rainbows.

Hey, I’m Not Pregnant.

I normally don't write twice in the same day, but it seems that my blog post from this morning has caused some confusion. See, the photo I used in my post this morning was taken on December 7, 2015. One year ago today. On the day I found out that I was pregnant with Alexander. But … Continue reading Hey, I’m Not Pregnant.

Where it All Began.

One year ago today. As I'm writing this. One year ago, at this very moment. We had just finished up a very full and busy weekend filled with time with friends and family and ministry.  On Friday night, we had visited Clifton Mill to look at Christmas lights with our people and company. Scott's parents had … Continue reading Where it All Began.

All The Things I Wish I Had Written.

I've always been a writer. Not always a consistent writer, but a writer nonetheless. I have boxes and boxes of half-filled journals starting from middle school when I had a "locking" diary sporting a cute kitten on the front of it, all the way up to several years of my current favorite Moleskine cahier journals that have … Continue reading All The Things I Wish I Had Written.