The In Between

With my last day at Parma Lutheran Church this past Sunday and my first official day at Epiphany Lutheran Church not until June 16th, I am for the time being in what I am lovingly referring to as the (very brief) season of in between. Believe it or not, this is the longest season (12 … Continue reading The In Between


Music Monday: “God Be With You”

We sang this song as the closing hymn in worship a few weeks ago. As I was already in the midst of transitioning out of ministry in the congregation, my eyes welled up, I got choked up, and I had to stop singing and just listen to the voices around me. This is my prayer … Continue reading Music Monday: “God Be With You”

Friday Five: June 3, 2011

Random thoughts from this week: This week I got into my first car accident ever. Thankfully, I have a great insurance agent. Nobody was hurt. Nobody got ticketed since one party fled the scene of the accident. Not really my idea of fun, and the timing certainly wasn't great, seeing as we're getting ready to … Continue reading Friday Five: June 3, 2011