Hopes and Fears of all the Years.

I used to love New Years. Reflecting on the past year. Setting ambitious goals for the new year. Turning over to a fresh start on a new calendar. It all felt so empowering. It was exciting. Infinite potential. Blank canvases. Opportunity. But all of that is different now. Like so much else in my life, … Continue reading Hopes and Fears of all the Years.

Where to Begin.

"I don't know where to begin. I'm in over my head again. I don't know where to begin. How far can a heart even bend?" - Jenny & Tyler Ready or not, here it comes. 2017. As I wrote yesterday, I have very mixed feelings about saying goodbye to 2016. Last year changed me exponentially … Continue reading Where to Begin.

Goodbye, 2016.

It's safe to say that 2016 has been a terrible year. In fact, I could probably go ahead and just call it like it is, and say that 2016 has been the absolute worst year of my entire life. As the year draws to a close, I am naturally prone to spend some time reflecting and … Continue reading Goodbye, 2016.

52X7: Phase Two Summary {FOCUS.}

You  may remember that at the start of this year, I jumped head first into a fresh look at goals and resolutions called 52x7 thanks to inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers, Jon Acuff. The plan was pretty simple: 365 days breaks down pretty nicely into seven 52-day chunks, and anyone can do anything for 52 … Continue reading 52X7: Phase Two Summary {FOCUS.}

52X7: Phase One Goals

As promised, here are my goals for the first phase of 52x7 in 2013. As a reminder, here's the plan: Pick a goal or two in each of the 7 areas of life. (E.G. Physical = Working out 4 days a week.) Crush said goals for 52 days. Drop the ones I hate at the … Continue reading 52X7: Phase One Goals