Should we really #FitchtheHomeless?

Like most of you, I'm sure, I was quite appalled by the recent press coverage that the popular clothing chain Abercrombie and Fitch only wants the "cool kids" wearing their clothing, and that to ensure that they don't carry larger women's sizes and only hire very attractive people to work in their stores. Even more surprising, … Continue reading Should we really #FitchtheHomeless?


Friday Five: November 4, 2011

Some random thoughts from what was probably one of the weirdest weeks I've had in a loooong time: Junior high boys. Enough said? It's been a crazy week since Confirmation Sunday night. Yesterday, November 3, 2011, marked the 10 Year Anniversary of the day that Scott and I "officially" started dating. As my Facebook status yesterday … Continue reading Friday Five: November 4, 2011