52X7: Phase Two Summary {FOCUS.}

You  may remember that at the start of this year, I jumped head first into a fresh look at goals and resolutions called 52x7 thanks to inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers, Jon Acuff. The plan was pretty simple: 365 days breaks down pretty nicely into seven 52-day chunks, and anyone can do anything for 52 … Continue reading 52X7: Phase Two Summary {FOCUS.}


52X7: Phase Two Goals

As promised, here are my goals for the second phase of 52x7 in 2013. As a reminder, here's the plan: Pick a goal or two in each of the 7 areas of life. (E.G. Physical = Working out 4 days a week.) Crush said goals for 52 days. Drop the ones I hate at the end … Continue reading 52X7: Phase Two Goals

Friday Five: May 11, 2012

Random thoughts from this week: I'm having a lot of trouble getting back into the routine of blogging. I'm not sure why it's so difficult. I love writing. I've just gotten out of the routine. I've been journaling over the past month and a half or so (another routine that I had kind of lost … Continue reading Friday Five: May 11, 2012

Friday Five: November 4, 2011

Some random thoughts from what was probably one of the weirdest weeks I've had in a loooong time: Junior high boys. Enough said? It's been a crazy week since Confirmation Sunday night. Yesterday, November 3, 2011, marked the 10 Year Anniversary of the day that Scott and I "officially" started dating. As my Facebook status yesterday … Continue reading Friday Five: November 4, 2011