There Are No Easy Answers.

True confession: I used to be an easy answer person. I used to think that I could handle things on my own. I used to believe things like "God won't give you more than you can handle." I used to think that life's most difficult questions had simple answers. "Well, we live in a broken world." "It must be … Continue reading There Are No Easy Answers.

With Hope.

This weekend should have been different. Instead of gathering with friends and family for the baptism of our three month old baby boy, we gathered for a remembrance ceremony at the hospital where he was born and his memorial service at the church where he would have surely been baptized. Instead of taking three month photos … Continue reading With Hope.

Hope and Remembrance.

Yesterday, we gathered with family and friends at Kettering Medical Center for the dedication of Alexander's brick at the Garden of Hope and Remembrance. Scott and I started out the day slow and reflective, spending some time just checking in. And sitting in the hot tub - because nothing is quite as healing as water. … Continue reading Hope and Remembrance.

Sand, the Gulf Shore, and Friends.

We just got back from a week of vacation, so of course the first thing out of everyone's mouth when they see us is, "how was your vacation?" It seems natural, and since there are a lot of people we still haven't seen since we lost Alexander, it feels safer than "how was your summer?" or … Continue reading Sand, the Gulf Shore, and Friends.

Be(ar)ing Burdens: Invitation Without Expectation.

While we were still in the hospital after Alexander was born, Scott and I had several conversations about what we thought we might need moving forward. When you're in a fog of grief and shock following the loss of a baby, it's really hard to know what you might need. So, we were thankful for … Continue reading Be(ar)ing Burdens: Invitation Without Expectation.

Be(ar)ing Burdens: Practical Things.

I read a blog post recently about stupid things to say to someone who is grieving. (If you want to know what not to do or say when someone is grieving, that post is a good place to start.) While I'm so thankful that we have still been spared most of these things, I am so thankful … Continue reading Be(ar)ing Burdens: Practical Things.

Be(ar)ing Burdens: One Year Ago.

A lot can change in a year. One year ago (tomorrow), on August 27, 2015, I wrote a blog post titled Be(ar)ing Burdens. It was the last blog post that I wrote before Alexander's life and death. At the time, I was in a season of life in which I was learning a lot about vulnerability … Continue reading Be(ar)ing Burdens: One Year Ago.