Music Monday: “Hold Me Now”

An old favorite from Jennifer Knapp to start off the week. Dependent on Jesus to hold together my brokenness.

Permission to Speak Freely

I spent the majority of this past weekend soaking in Anne Jackson's latest (and by latest, I mean, it's only a year old) book, Permission to Speak Freely. The premise is similar to PostSecret, but with a message of hope and grace where PostSecret tends to leave its readers dangling. The basic premise of the verse began … Continue reading Permission to Speak Freely

Overheard in a Coffee Shop [Part 2]

The voice of God.  Seriously, the voice of God. Let me explain.  I've been sitting here at Caribou Coffee for almost 5 hours now (this seemed like a good time to take a brief reprise from all the reading), and I must say - God has met me in this place today. When I arrived … Continue reading Overheard in a Coffee Shop [Part 2]