Grief is a difficult and lonely process. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. In the days and weeks after losing Alexander, I scoured the internet searching for anything that might even be remotely helpful in understanding what I was feeling and experiencing. What I discovered is a beautiful community that I never wanted to be part of, but that I am so glad exists.

Here is a list of resources that have been helpful to me in my grieving process and that may be helpful to you as well. Some are specific to baby loss, some specific to grief, and others not directly grief-oriented but helpful nonetheless. I will continue to update this list as I discover more resources.

The very first resources I came across were the blogs of other loss moms. I spent days reading blogs from start to finish, reaching out to people I have never met before, and have had the privilege of meeting some of these beautiful ladies in person.

(* indicates mention of living children, rainbow babies, or other triggers)

Other Web Resources
These articles and other non-blog resources have been helpful throughout my grief journey.

These organizations have been helpful to us in our grief and provide services to those experiencing pregnancy loss, stillbirth, infant loss, and child loss.

Resources for Support People
Do you know someone who is grieving the loss of their child? These resources might be helpful to you in caring for your friend or family member in the midst of their loss.

Some of these books were gifted to me in the earliest days after losing Alexander. Some I purchased for myself. Some I have been familiar with for years. Some were hard to pick up. Some I’ve picked up more than once. Some are child loss specific, and some are simply oriented towards grief in general.

This is a tricky one. Music evokes so much feeling. But it can also bring great healing. Sometimes music can be a little triggery, so tread with care. Some of my most healing moments, though, have been tear-filled moments at concerts or sitting alone in Alexander’s nursery listening to music.

Non-Grief Related Resources
This list is a mix of books, videos and website that are not grief-specific but that have helped me at various points in my journey of grief.