Today is International Bereaved Father’s Day. It is a day set aside to recognize bereaved men all over the world as the beautiful fathers that they are. More often than not the men are left out or forgotten about when it comes to grief support. This needs to change.

This past week has been hard. I know it’s been hard on me, but hearing Scott share his highs and lows with the sixth graders from church at lunch today, I know it’s been hard on him, too.

I have written before about how Scott is the best dad there is, and I still stand by that claim 110%. Parenting is hard when your kid is here squirming and laughing and running and playing and testing your patience. It’s hard to raise a child and watch him or her grow into a little person, teenager, and adult. I get that. It is infinitely harder not getting to do those things when you should be doing those things.

Scott honors Alexander daily through his life and through the works he puts in taking care of me and honoring the memory of our son.

This afternoon, after coming home from church, we spent the afternoon planting our replacement memorial tree. We originally planted a tree in Alexander’s memory last October, after his memorial service. Unfortunately, after some signs of hope in March, the tree froze in the midst of some extended late freezes this spring, and ended up dying. (I’ll spare you the emotions and thoughts that I’ve had over the past several months as we have looked out the window at a dead tree planted in memory of our dead son.) Anyway, after a lot of logistics and coordination, our replacement tree arrived this weekend thanks to Scott’s dad and brother, and we had a beautiful afternoon to get it planted in the ground.

Our dear friend SC brought us some root starter and came over to help us get it properly planted. It is an incredible blessing to have friends like her who walk so closely with us on the good days and on the worst days like those we have been through this past week.

As I watched Scott dig the hole and as we spent time preparing and compacting the fresh soil around the tree, I couldn’t help but be so thankful for this sweet little boy and his dad.

Alexander Scott Haligowski.

You are loved.

You are loved.

You are loved.


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