I normally don’t write twice in the same day, but it seems that my blog post from this morning has caused some confusion. See, the photo I used in my post this morning was taken on December 7, 2015. One year ago today. On the day I found out that I was pregnant with Alexander.

But today, one year later, I am not pregnant. (And, if I was pregnant, I would certainly not announce it by showing the world a picture of a stick that I just peed on. Gross.)

Honestly, I’m not even in a place where I can begin to think about being pregnant again.

Sure, there are days that are better and where life feels like it’s returning to some sort of new normal. There are days when I laugh. Hard. And there are days when I cry. Hard. And there are times when I laugh hard and cry hard in a matter of minutes. There are days when I try to think about giving Alexander a sibling. And there are days where I can’t even fathom what that might be like, if and when the time comes.

But that time is not now. Not today.

There are a lot of people following along with our journey, walking with us, both near and far. Some days, I’m convinced that there are more people reading this blog than I can even fathom.

But here’s what I’m asking: If you’re following along with our journey, please click through and actually read my posts before jumping to conclusions. Then, please be gentle. If and when the time comes that we are expecting a sibling for Alexander, know that it will be so very hard.


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