Throughout my life I have been incredibly blessed by friendships. In fact, back in 2015 (the last time I blogged with any sort of consistency), I wrote a series of posts about friendship. Scott and I have dear friends that live all over the country world.

Even here in Dayton, we have so many friends who have, truly, become our family away from family.

And then there is this group of ladies: SC, CN, (EH), TH, and NH. A group that has, in the past five years, become known in our lives as “the gal pals”–after the ongoing and non-stop Facebook group chat that has been going strong for, literally, years.

On July 5, when we found out our baby boy no longer had a heartbeat, they were among the first people we told. From that moment, we learned more about friendship and community than we could have imagined.

These ladies did everything. They were everything.

They showed up. They listened. They helped control information. They brought us movies and games while we were in the hospital waiting for Alexander. They laughed with us. They cried with us. They prayed with us. They grieved with us.

They cooked for our family. They came and sat with me so that Scott could eat and shower and get a break. They helped take care of our family who had come into town to be with us.

When our parents left to go back to Cleveland, they did so because they knew we would be taken care of by these ladies.

They brought us food after we were home.

They have walked with us every step of the way through this mess. They haven’t offered advice or platitudes. They haven’t tried to “fix us” or make us get better. They have simply been present.

Last night, the gal pals got together for the first time since the week we came home from the hospital. It was so good to be together–to laugh, to share stories, and to just be. These ladies are good people. They are my people.


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