I spent a few days alone earlier this week, and as I am processing the beautiful things that God spoke to me in that time, I am feeling compelled to share bits and pieces of that time. At this point, I’d like to simply share some of the thoughts I jotted down in my journal as I wrapped up my time at camp yesterday morning. I’ll let my journal speak for itself:

This time of solitude has been exactly what it needed to be. I know this with certainty because I feel God beckoning me back to community, back to the world.

Solitude must always beckon us to community.

It’s never easy moving from the stillness and quiet of time apart back into the noise and demands of the world.

It is abrupt.

It can be a jarring transition.

But I pray that the peace and strength I have received may be what I take back with me into the noisy world.

I hope to be a peace bearer.

I hope to have the wisdom and strength to choose my best yes and to be grace-filled when a choice must mean saying no.

I pray that God will reveal to me the next steps in pursuing depth in my friendships with women of wisdom.

I pray that I would leave this place with the courage and boldness that comes from knowing my identity as God’s beloved and also with peace and humility at the core of my being.

Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.

Abba, I belong to you.

Jesus, I am the Beloved.

Jesus, we are ALL the Beloved.

Come, Holy Spirit.




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