Pressing Pause.

The past few months have been hectic.

From the time we kicked off our school-year season of youth ministry in September until the last middle schooler was picked up after last weekend’s fall retreat, life was a whirlwind of youth events, family functions, visits, conferences, traveling, meetings, planning, and more.

Some seasons are like that. And I can thrive in those seasons. The urgency of everything pushes me forward.

And yet, ever since last Sunday, when the final loose ends were tied up from an incredible weekend at camp, something has changed. It is as though I had spent the previous three months holding my breath, and with that last lost item return I was finally able to exhale. A long, drawn out, sigh of relief as we move from a season of chaos to a season of pause.

Pie Fest.





Leisurely meals.


I’ve begun a reflective journey through Advent with a photo-a-day spiritual discipline with the folks over at Rethink Church. I’ve been spending days alone reflecting, reading, and refilling my tank.

I hope to return to a regular discipline of writing and blogging soon. Until then, I am enjoying theย pause.


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