What are teens sharing on social media? Who are they sharing it with? It may be different from what you think.

The folks over at Pew Internet just released the following information on Teens, Social Media, and Privacy. As teachers, youth ministers and parents, it can sometimes be challenging to stay on top of the latest technology that kids are using these days. One day we’re all happy as a clam sharing life together on Facebook, and the next day all the teens have jumped ship for new social media services like Snapchat, Vine, and Path.

Whatever the vehicle, though, we need to be aware of statistics like those below–we need to know what is being shared and why. We need to be able to have the tough conversations about safety, privacy, and sharing.

Social media is not going away. We are steeped in it. We live in a new world that is both physical and virtual.

Question: What are your reactions to the statistics below from Pew Internet? How do we help teens navigate a world that is both physical and virtual? How much is too much? How wide of a circle is too wide? Are there differences in these rules for teens and adults? 



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