I have a group of colleagues in my local youth ministry network that lovingly (I think?) refer to me as Evernote Erin. My friend Bryan is constantly asking me how big the royalty checks are that I must be getting from Evernote on a weekly basis. Because, clearly, I am an evangelist for Evernote. Really, though, I promise I am not paid by Evernote. I just love the app.

I plan to do some more posts in the future with Evernote tips and tricks. But for now, here are some reasons why I love using Evernote for youth ministry stuff.

  1. Mobility. Everything is mobile these days. It’s almost as though everything has to be mobile. Evernote takes all of my lists, clippings, blog post ideas, grocery lists, and meeting notes, and makes them mobile.
  2. Searchable. I use Evernote to clip articles, youth ministry ideas, and more from the internet every day. Once those things are in Evernote, they are all searchable. So, I’m putting together a self-awareness event where we’re going to use personality assessments? Awesome. Let me just search for self-awareness or personality and every article, workshop note, and website that I have ever clipped related to that topic will pop up. Research done.
  3. Attendance. We keep pretty careful track of attendance at our youth events, especially for our middle school students who are going through confirmation. With Evernote, I can take attendance on my cell phone or iPad at a Friday night youth event, and it’s automatically on my computer when I get back into the office.
  4. Workshops and Conferences. This is probably one of my favorites. I use Evernote to take notes. I can record audio that automatically tracks along with my notes. If the presenter puts up a complex slide, or we’ve written some brilliant ideas and notes up on a chart paper, I just snap a photo with my phone and insert it into the notes. And then, those notes don’t just disappear into oblivion–they’re searchable! I can refer back to them any time!
  5. Evaluation. I keep a notebook called Evaluation Station. Anytime Scott and I are having a discussion about doing an event 10% Better, I can jot down a few notes and drop them in that notebook for safe-keeping. This helps to ensure that those thoughts aren’t just nice ideas, but that they can actually be put into action.

Question: Do you use Evernote in your world? Why or why not? If you do, what’s your favorite thing about using this incredibly awesome app?


2 thoughts on “Evernoting Youth Ministry

  1. I’m a massive fan of Evernote too and on a previous blog wrote “Evernote Tips for Pastors”. It think it’s a great tool that all Pastors would benefit from.

    Thanks for your post and keep it up!


  2. How do you actually track attendance? Do you have a template or some sort that you use and quickly check off, do you have a check-in set up for students to check themselves in, or something else? I’ve been using an iPad app called iAttentance and students like checking themselves in, but the system is pretty clunky and it’d be nice to have that style of self-check-in while having the attendance record go directly into Evernote. Got any suggestions?


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