“Imagine a home where every person feels loved, valued and heard. Imagine a family that seeks God’s wisdom, will and Word together. Imagine an intimate, affectionate community where every night is an experience of caring, sharing, comfort and peace. You can make this beautiful picture a reality in your home. But it won’t happen by accident.”

Today, my incredibly intelligent, talented, and energetic friend, Dr. Rich Melheim is releasing a book that is packed to the gills with his life’s work. The book is Holding Your Family Together. The content is five steps to holding your family together, which he calls the FAITH5 (Faith Acts IThe Home).

HoldingYourFamilyTogetherBookI had the opportunity earlier this spring to read some of this book before it’s publishing to help Rich smooth out and clarify some of the illustrations and anecdotes, and let me tell you this: i was blown away. This. Book. Is. Genius. It’s funny. It’s full of research, but reads in a way that is easy to understand. (It actually makes me feel like I know something about how the human brain works and is wired.) It’s full of real life stories from families who have practiced the FAITH5. And, best of all, it’s fun to read and full of practical application!

This book is a goldmine.

We use Rich’s material in our confirmation program to help our middle schoolers build relationships with their peers, small group leaders, and parents. We’re hoping to expand that downward and introduce all our families to the FAITH5.  This is a strategy that works… really. And, Rich has done years and years of research to understand why sharingreadingtalkingpraying, and blessing with your family helps to make sure everyone knows they are deeply loved by God and by their family before they go to bed each night.

Five simple steps to get your family practicing faith together at home every night in a way that will change you and grow you together in your faith. Here’s how the FAITH5 works:

  1. SHARE your highs and lows of the day.
  2. READ a verse or story from scripture.
  3. TALK about how the scripture you read is connected to your highs and lows.
  4. PRAY together, out loud, for your highs and lows.
  5. BLESS one another.

Now, I’m not a parent (yet). But I believe in this stuff. I have friends who are parents who practice the FAITH5 every night in their homes. Their kids miss it if it doesn’t happen. It changes them. It changes parents. It opens the doors for Jesus to capture the heart of the next generation.

I got an e-mail from Rich this morning, outlining his audacious goal for selling copies of this book. He is hoping to sell 10,000 copies by THIS Friday! That’s crazy. But, achieving that goal means 10,000 families lives are changed for the better. And as a youth ministry professional, that’s a goal I can get behind.

So, if you’re still looking for a Mother’s Day gift for next weekend. Go buy this book.

If you have kids of your own. Go buy this book.

If you have friends that have kids. Go buy this book.

If you think you might have kids someday. Go buy this book.

If you have grandkids, nieces, or nephews. Go buy this book.

If you know kids or ever come into contact with kids. Go buy this book.

Seriously. It will be the best $11.13 you spend this week.


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