I’m just about done working my way through the audiobook version of Jon Acuff‘s book Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job (Thanks to it being recently free for download on Noisetrade!). I actually listened to most of it yesterday on my way to and from Indianapolis for the You Lost Me Live conference event.

Now, before anyone jumps to conclusions, let me clear something up right from the get go: I am not planning to quit my job. In fact, I love my job–likely far more than many of the people who pick Jon’s book off the shelf at the local bookstore. I feel called in youth ministry, and I feel a sense of fulfillment in what I do. So, once again… despite the title of this book, I don’t plan on quitting what I do anytime in the foreseeable future. (Just in case you were wondering.)

In fact, Jon’s book isn’t even about quitting your job until maybe the last chapter (and I’m not even there yet).

So, what is a book called Quitter about if it’s not about quitting? It’s about hustle.

It’s about learning to fall in like with a day job that you may or may not love.

It’s about doing what you do and doing it well while also finding time to hustle on your big dreams. Like writing. Or speaking. Or singing. Or owning a business. Or whatever else your dreams might be. Those kinds of dreams don’t happen overnight–and, believe it or not, dreams involve hard work. They involve hustle.

“Hustle isn’t just doing the things you love all the time. Hustle is doing the things you don’t enjoy sometimes to earn the right to do the things you love.” Jon Acuff

As I listened to Jon read aloud his witty humor, entertaining anecdotes, and nuggets of wisdom yesterday, there were SO many times that I wished I had the book in my hand to underline, make boxes around, and put three huge stars in the margins next to the words that were floating into my ears from the car stereo–that I had a way to take notes–that I had some more tangible way to make sure these things stick.

Here’s the deal, though. Apparently something did stick. Last night I went to home only about an hour and a half after getting back from Indianapolis. I went to bed at 9:30pm, not just because I was exhausted, but I wanted to get up this morning and hustle. I actually did something as a result of reading (er, listening to) Quitter.

And, if there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the years, it’s this: I have a great history of thinking, but not a real strong track record of doing.

So, apparently something stuck. I woke up early (well, earlier than usual) this morning so I would have some time to write… to write something, anything. So I would have some time to actually follow-through on a goal like updating my blog. So I would have some time to think about what is even involved in a dream… in my dream.

So, what should you do now? Go buy Jon’s book. Or download it (today’s the last day to get it free on Noisetrade so go get it NOW! It’s FREE!). Then, listen to it. Read it. Read it with someone else. Have someone else read it to you. Whatever you need to do to get that wisdom in your brain.

And then, after you read it, do something.



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