While I was in Seminary, my regular “work” space for writing papers, translating Greek, and reading was our local Caribou Coffee. A day spent at Caribou was a day to be “on”–alert, focused, and ready to work. Now that we’ve gotten settled into life here in Dayton, and that I’m back in the swing of full-time Youth Ministry, I like to frequent our new local Caribou location on my day off. Friday mornings at Caribou are glorious.


Because I don’t waste my day away when I’m hanging out in a place that, quite literally, smells like productivity for me. Just being there, flips some switch inside of me from “off” (in the lazy, watch The Today Show all morning sort of way) to “on” (in the my days off can still be days “on” in a self-improvement and intentional growth sort of way). And when that switch flips, my whole day seems to go better.

I can rest without being lazy.

I can be refreshed without being over-indulgent.

I can make my days off work in ways that help me to live a better story.

After all, that’s what it’s all about, right? (Unless, of course, you are dancing the Hokey Pokey… then that’s what it’s all about.)

Do you have a place where you can go to be “on” when you’re off?


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