602255_654137127382_276818636_nApparently my masters were too busy this year to sit down and write a Christmas letter (let alone send out Christmas cards), so the task has been delegated to me, their best friend and faithful companion, to do it for them. I must say, for this being but my fist year with Erin and Scott, it has been really great! They are pretty good to me.

My daddy, Scott, stays at home with me all the time, talking into his computer and phone and fixing things for people over something they call the internet. He seems to like it, and I love that I can always get a pat on the head from him whenever I want, and I don’t have to spend too much time in my “house” (I think that’s just their fancy word for a jail). I love spending days at home with my daddy.

My mommy, Erin, leaves us alone most days. I’m not sure where she goes, but sometimes we all go to this place called church. I think church is where mommy is most of the time, but she doesn’t take me with her most days. I LOVE going to church! There are so many people there to pet me and play with me, and they just let me run wherever I want! I have lots of friends at church, and I get really excited about going there! I think mommy really loves it there, too! She was gone a lot during the summer months, so daddy and I went on lots of walks, played lots of fetch, and went to visit family in Cleveland a lot. Apparently she was gone on trips with my friends from church (I can’t believe she didn’t take me and daddy along with her!). She went camping (I LOVE camping!!) at the ALIVE Festival and bike riding through Wisconsin on Spoke Folk. I missed her a LOT!

In September, mommy and daddy left me at Kodi and grandma and grandpa Haligowski’s house in Cleveland to go visit Kristen in Colorado for their anniversary. I guess it’s pretty beautiful out there, but I wouldn’t know since they didn’t take me. They had a blast touring Denver and hiking around the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. I enjoyed hanging out with grandma and grandpa Haligowski for the week and running around with Kodi… he’s pretty fast for a little dog. I can’t wait to see aunt Kristen again over Christmas, although it’s pretty fun to see her on the computer and talk to her through Skype, too! I think mommy and daddy miss her a lot!

In October, daddy sent mommy away to Florida for her birthday to visit her friends Bobby and Trisha. Again, I hear it’s really nice there… with lots of sand for digging holes in, but since she didn’t take me along, I wouldn’t really know. I guess for now I’ll have to settle for digging holes in the sand volleyball courts at church. I think she ran some sort of race while she was there. I like running… not really the racing kind, but the kind of running I do at the dog park with my pals is pretty neat.

It was really nice having grandma and grandpa Satterlee come visit for Thanksgiving this year… grandpa always gives me extra belly and ear scratches, and plays with me a lot. I like that.  Plus, it was extra good to see them since I hadn’t been feeling well the week before Thanksgiving, and then had an allergic reaction to whatever the vet gave me for my stomach. No worries, though… a couple days of Benedryl and some new medicine from Dr. Lokai, and I’m back to normal now! I also got my first taste of that magical stuff mommy and daddy are always eating. Usually I like to just go out on the patio when they sit down at the kitchen table, but I think I might start hanging around mo


re often. Turkey is yummy!

Most recently, I’ve been hearing mommy and daddy talk an awful lot about buying a house… fenced in backyards, more room to run, gee that will be nice. I’m not sure how fast that is happening, but maybe they’ll have something new to write about next year (and I can re-delegate this whole Christmas letter thing back to them!).

Well, I think I’d better get back to my busy life of playing fetch, snuggling with mommy and daddy, and eating treats. Hope you all have had a fantastic year!  Merry Christmas!




One thought on “Merry Christmas from the Haligowski’s

  1. Dear Hiro,
    I can’t believe how much you have grown since I saw you last New Year’s Eve! I am glad that you are taking such good care of your mommy & daddy. They are special people and we miss you all very much. Merry Christmas!
    Love, Jo, Ken, Rachel, and Emily


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