Gut check. We’ve spent most of this weekend, the weekend before Christmas, in a state of shock. I mean, that’s what happens when you realize you are buying a house, right?

After about a month of serious house-shopping around the area and seriously considering several homes that needed LOTS of work, we decided to check out one more house before we head up to Cleveland for a week over Christmas. Well, we fell in love with that last house and spent the day on Saturday putting in an offer and negotiating. We never thought it would happen as fast as it did, but within 12 hours of putting in an offer, we had reached an agreement on price.

Dreams of a fenced-in yard and room for guests are actually going to come true! Along with some others, we hope! (I’ll wait to share photos until we’ve got more of the details firmed up.)

Our closing date is still up in the air, since the sellers would like us to close a month earlier than we had originally planned (although, they’re throwing in some incentives if we can make that happen), but we need to run that through the folks at the bank to see if that can happen. So, I suppose until we have a closing date, inspection, appraisal, and all that good stuff, it’s not officially official.

In the meantime, it’s definitely been enough to send us into some pre-Christmas shock and anxiety (the good kind of anxiety, of course!), and cause for extra celebration as we prepare to go spend the holidays with family and friends up in Cleveland.

I imagine things are just going to get crazier from here. Merry Christmas to us!


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