“…I wondered at all this exposition God had created, as though it were an invitation to an epic so grand it might match the scenery. The mountains themselves call us into greater stories, I thought.” ~ Donald Miller

I just recently returned from spending a week in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Gunnison County, Colorado. Incredible heights, indescribable depths, and beauty beyond any I have every experienced. Silence. Majesty. Story.

Earlier this summer, I read a couple of books that have been rocking my world ever since. First, I picked up and re-read Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. It was the kick in the pants I was needing to get up and start living again. To start living a better story. To start taking some risks. To do more with my life than simply exist each day. Not too long after, I picked up Bob Goff’s Love Does from a local bookstore. It was so interesting reading those two books back-to-back, since Miller and Goff are good friends, and often write about each other in their books. Their stories intertwine. Their lives intertwine. And, in the end, it’s a beautiful, life-changing, world-rocking mess.

It hasn’t been perfect, and I can’t say that I’ve lived every day with the sense of whimsy and engagement that seems to pour out of the pages of these two books, but I can definitely sense a change of pace and a shift in attitude. It’s as though I am looking at the world through different colored lenses than I used to. I find myself taking a few more risks, and creating a few more inciting incidents.

And, you know what? I’m loving it.

And, last week as I stood on the edges of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, hiked a mile to see the most gorgeous waterfall I have ever seen, and stood on a mountainside in the most full and living silence I have ever experienced, I felt it. I felt the mountains calling me to a greater story. Not a new story, but a greater story. A story of love. A story of action. A story of whimsy and risk.

It’s a breath of fresh air.


2 thoughts on “The Mountains Themselves…

  1. Erin – i so love your life story! I’m pulled lately by the word SURPRISE. I’m hearing the grand narratives of the bible in fresh ways looking for Surprise and how I might be open to God’s ways of surprise and calls to love, listening and action. I’m talking and interacting with people and listening/waiting/receiving as gift the surprise in those moments. I love how you say “i’m looking at the world through different colored lenses”. – beautiful.


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