Friday Five: May 11, 2012

Random thoughts from this week:

  1. I’m having a lot of trouble getting back into the routine of blogging. I’m not sure why it’s so difficult. I love writing. I’ve just gotten out of the routine.
  2. I’ve been journaling over the past month and a half or so (another routine that I had kind of lost in the shuffle of life), and through reflection I’m discovering that I’m in kind of a season of rediscovery. I’m rediscovering some passions–like writing, journaling, playing guitar. And it’s taking me some time to get back into the routine of really pursuing those passions, but it’s kind of a cool adventure.
  3. In a few hours, Scott and I are heading out for our first camping trip of the season… and our first camping trip with Hiro (our golden retriever that we added to the family back in December). I’m really pumped to be going off the grid for the weekend to spend some time with my parents and to enjoy nature. It’s good for the soul.
  4. This past Sunday was our first Confirmation Celebration since I started at Epiphany. Since I have never really been the one “in charge” of running a confirmation program before I started here, it was a pretty cool thing to be part of, and to witness the fruits of the great labor that this year has included. I’m SO proud of that group of confirmands.
  5. This week, we started sort of a “test run” of Peer Ministry Training. The first week went really well, and I’m excited to see how this model pans out for us at Epiphany. It was really cool to see some of those confirmands from Sunday already back in the saddle to pursue leadership just a few days later. There’s always hope for bucking the trend of confirmation-graduation, right?

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