Friday Five: November 11, 2011

Random thoughts from this week:

  1. Today is 11/11/11. During my sophomore year of college, my friends Erin, Becky, and I used to have an 11:11 party every night at 11:11pm. I would head downstairs to their room, we would wait eagerly for the clock to strike all ones, and then we would spend an entire sixty seconds acting ridiculous, doing the “volleyball dance” and causing a ruckus. At 11:12pm it would end, and we would all go back to whatever it was we were doing. That, my friends is the stuff that memories are made of. So, my friends, today is the day. I hope today you enjoy the most epic 11:11 party EVER!
  2. I spent the first half of this week at Lutheran Memorial Camp in Fulton, Ohio hanging out with an incredible bunch of youth and family ministers’ at the 2nd annual Renew! Youth and Family Ministers Retreat. This annual retreat is a gift from LOMO to the Lutheran Youth Directors in Ohio, and was a major factor in our choice to stay in Ohio. I was amazed this weekend at both the variety of experience (from someone who has been at their church for 2 weeks to almost 30 years) and the wealth of knowledge. Thanks to these colleagues of mine, my brain is now exploding with gold nuggets of youth ministry wisdom, vision, and energy. Holy cow. I need three more days of solitude to process it all.
  3. This past Sunday, our youth group participated in the annual Rake & Run service project. We had 24 youth and 8 adults rake a total of 6 yards throughout our community before gathering together at the home of one of our students for a bonfire and dinner. It was absolutely fantastic to see our students living out our church’s vision of loving Jesus by serving others.
  4. I love love LOVE serving at Epiphany. There are more reasons than I can list here right now, but seriously.
  5. I get to spend this weekend at Camp Mowana (one of my favorite places on earth) with one of our students at the annual Senior High Retreat. It’s making for a full week of retreating, but I’m not sure I would have it any other way. These are the weeks that I really love my job.

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