Friday Five: November 4, 2011

Some random thoughts from what was probably one of the weirdest weeks I’ve had in a loooong time:

  1. Junior high boys. Enough said? It’s been a crazy week since Confirmation Sunday night.
  2. Yesterday, November 3, 2011, marked the 10 Year Anniversary of the day that Scott and I “officially” started dating. As my Facebook status yesterday read, “A nerdy boy, who happened to be my squad leader in the high school marching band, asked me to be his girlfriend in the back seat of the band bus on the way home from the first (and only) playoff football game of the season. It hasn’t been easy every day, but every day–and especially today–I’m SO thankful I said yes.”
  3. I’m a published writer! In this year’s 43rd volume of the Ashland Theological Journal (a publication of my seminary alma mater), is an article titled “Caught in the Shadows of a Man’s World: Women and the Consumption of Internet Pornography and Cybersex” that I wrote a year ago as an assignment for my Special Issues in Pastoral Care class. It may not be youth ministry specific, but it’s a publication.
  4. We’re having people over tonight. A couple from church and a couple that’s new to the area that recently visited our church. Having friends over is really helping Centerville to feel like “home” for us.
  5. Next week, I will be spending Monday through Wednesday hanging out with some of the most wonderful youth ministry nerds I know at the annual Youth and Family Ministers’ Retreat at Lutheran Memorial Camp. I am SO pumped for our mutually encouraging, skill-sharpening, grace-filled, energizing and exhausting time together. I can honestly say that last year’s retreat was a major factor in even applying for my current position at Epiphany despite the fact that when I started job searching I was avoiding staying in Ohio like it was the plague.

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