Friday Five: October 14, 2011

Random thoughts from this week:

  1. Why did we ever stop running last year? We’re two weeks into the Couch to 5k training program, and I already feel so much better. It’s amazing what a little movement will do!
  2. I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 5 this week. I love it, for the most part. The one feature I really miss from iOS 4? The ability to turn off all notifications when I go to bed with the touch of a single button.
  3. I’m really thankful for the days that our church staff laughs together.
  4. Last night I got into one of those ruts where I was being really hard on myself for a lot of stuff. Not sure what the deal is with that. I have a tendency (and probably a bad habit) to not talk about the things that are bothering me. I was really missing a few of my friends who can always tell instantly what’s on my mind without me having to say a word.
  5. I’m turning 27 next week. For some reason that feels really old, and I’m probably gonna get smacked for saying that (and I probably deserve it). But seriously… 27 feels a lot closer to 30 than 26 did.

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