Friday Five: October 7, 2011

Some random thoughts from this week.

  1. It’s tough to run somebody else’s formerly successful program with any degree of success. Sometimes the best thing we can do is to let something that has run its course die for a while so that new life can come from its ashes and dust. We’ve made some tough decisions this week about ministry and programming, but I know and trust that God’s plans for the future are much bigger than anything we can ask or imagine.
  2. Last Saturday, my sister ran her first 5K. This week, Scott and I started training again. I guess sometimes that’s just what it takes.
  3. I made a decision this week to start going to bed at a regular, decent time… mostly in hopes that I could start waking up a little earlier, at a a regular, decent time. The result so far? I’ve been sleeping 9-10 hours a night–going to bed an hour and a half earlier, and waking up at the same time that I have been. Someday I might have a normal sleeping schedule. Someday.
  4. The weather this week has been absolutely PERFECT. The leaves are changing color. Mid-70s during the day, mid to low 50s at night. Fall is here. Scott and I made a last minute decision to spend about 24 hours camping this weekend with my parents and sister up in Loudonville. It will probably be the last (and maybe only, of those I’ve been able to take advantage of) perfect camping weekend of the year. I fully intend to come home smelling like campfire tomorrow night.
  5. I am SO incredibly thankful for the network of “youth ministry nerds” that I have access to down here and throughout Ohio–for the camaraderie, for the wealth of knowledge, for the encouragement and support. Major props to the Southern Ohio Synod for really championing networking among the Lutheran Youth Directors in Ohio.

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