Friday Five: August 26, 2011

Random thoughts from this week:

  1. Most days I feel like I live, breathe, eat, and dream youth ministry. It’s like that part of my brain never shuts off–which is really good some days, and some days it just wears me out completely. The other day I came home from the office, turned off my phones and sat outside on the balcony with my Bible for about 20 minutes. I needed that. I need that more often.
  2. I’ve been missing my friends a lot lately. Camp friends. Spoke Folk friends. College friends. Things were SO busy right after we moved down here that I didn’t really have much time to miss people, but now that we’ve been hanging around the Dayton area for a few weeks, I’ve been missing people a lot.
  3. Speaking of friends… I love hanging out with teenagers and bringing Jesus to life in their lives, but I also like hanging out with grown-ups–people that share the same struggles and concerns that I do. We’ve been slowly meeting some people down here around our age, and I like that. I’m looking forward to the ways that God will continue working in that area of our lives.
  4. My parents are coming to visit on Sunday. I’ve seen them a couple of times since we moved down here in June, but they haven’t been down here since the day we moved in. I’m excited to show them around a little (now that we know our way around) and have them join us for church on Sunday. Also, this visit means that I’ll be spending much of my day off today cleaning and unpacking (yes, still).
  5. Last night, Scott and I went up to our church’s Austin Campus for open sand volleyball. I’ve never really been very good at volleyball, but we had a lot of fun playing last Sunday at the church picnic, so we decided to start dropping in to play once or twice a week when we can. It was a good time.

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