Youth Ministry Wisdom from Twitter

This summer has been one of transition. In the midst of the transition and the chaos, I am often thankful for bite-sized nuggets of wisdom that come through on Twitter. It’s amazing how much wisdom can be packed into 140 characters. So, this week, for YM Tuesday, I am letting some colleagues and experts tell the story and share the wisdom.

I invite you to: read, digest, ponder, discuss, question…

@loswhit Please excuse the mess of my life. I’m actually living and not organizing.
@donmilleris “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” Ernest Hemingway
@stevenargue We do each individual adolescent and #emergingadult a dis-service by generalizing them. #youthministry
@stevenargue The stories people hold are more complex than we know. #emergingadult #youthministry
@TexasTerp4Him Make memories every day.
@stevenargue #youthministry must work toward systemic/structural transformation.
What wisdom has challenged you recently?

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