Friday Five: June 17, 2011

Random thoughts from this week:

  1. Even with a masters degree and four years of experience, I am really nervous about starting out at Epiphany. I’ve been soaking in the wisdom of friends and mentors who have been reminding me this week how important that nervous feeling is to being in tune with God, and I’m SO thankful for that wisdom and encouragement. I had forgotten what it’s like to be the new girl.
  2. For as much as I hated the process of packing, I LOVE unpacking. We’re starting to get settled into our new place, and I love finding places for everything.
  3. You know what I really love? Windows. A full-size double kitchen sink. A dishwasher. Mostly, though, windows. I love having natural light. I love opening the windows and feeling the breeze go through the apartment.
  4. We’re really liking it here in Centerville. Like, really liking it. What a great community!
  5. We decided to forego cable tv and have instead invested in Netflix and HuluPlus for our entertainment at home. This week we’ve been reliving our childhoods, watching such classics as Wallace and Gromit, Land Before Time, and Muppets Take Manhattan. This was a good choice.

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