The In Between

With my last day at Parma Lutheran Church this past Sunday and my first official day at Epiphany Lutheran Church not until June 16th, I am for the time being in what I am lovingly referring to as the (very brief) season of in between. Believe it or not, this is the longest season (12 days) between positions that I’ve had in the four years I have been in youth ministry. From my experiences on Spoke Folk, I know that a lot can happen in the space of 12 days if you’re intentional about how you’re spending your time.

So, I have to ask myself: what am I doing to make this season one of intentionality as I let go of the season that has passed and prepare for the season to come? There are a lot of other things pulling for my attention during this time–things that have to get done (packing and moving, mostly) and other things that could easily drain time when it feels like there’s nothing to do (no papers, homework, etc.). In the midst of all that, though, I must be intentional to be sure that this is a season of pulling weeds and tilling the soil for what is to come. What does that look like this week, as Scott and I are getting ready to move three and a half hours from home to start a new adventure in Dayton, OH?

  • Cleaning Out & Packing Up: I’m pretty sure that in a season like this, the purging of old junk is a spiritual discipline. As I’m packing boxes upon boxes to move, I want to be sure that I don’t take things that will drag me down and clutter my life in this new adventure. Leave behind the unfinished, unhealthy, and unwanted and move forward with those things that will be of benefit. This is true for physical junk, but is equally true of spiritual, emotional, and mental junk.
  • Read for Pleasure: For the past three years I have been reading books upon books that were assigned and required. This week, I’m going to pick up a book that I’ve been wanting to read without expecting myself to finish it by a set deadline. I’m going to enjoy it. Soak in it. Drink it in.
  • Pray & Read Scripture: I know God’s got work to do on my heart in this season (after all, when does He not have work to do on my heart?). This week, I want to be extra intentional about spending time with Jesus, soaking up his wisdom, and allowing Him to till the soil of my heart as I prepare to follow Him to a new land and a new adventure.
  • Get Outside and Play!: I’m taking Craig’s tennis ball wisdom seriously. This week I want to make sure that I take some time to just be outside, toss a ball around, go for walks, shoot some hoops–whatever it takes to feel like a kid again.
  • Ride a Bike: Spoke Folk Massachusetts tour is in three weeks, and I have yet to get on my bike this spring/summer. This week, I plan to go on some long rides to start training for tour. Time to break out the spandex and Camelbak and start riding!
  • Play Guitar: If there is one thing that I have given up more than anything else while being in seminary, it’s regularly playing my guitar. For the past three years, I’ve been content to just pull it out here and there on breaks, take it on a few youth trips, and maintain my average guitar-playing skills. Now that seminary is over, maybe I can start stretching myself musically again, and that starts with playing regularly.

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