Friday Five: June 3, 2011

Random thoughts from this week:

  1. This week I got into my first car accident ever. Thankfully, I have a great insurance agent. Nobody was hurt. Nobody got ticketed since one party fled the scene of the accident. Not really my idea of fun, and the timing certainly wasn’t great, seeing as we’re getting ready to move in a week.
  2. I’ve officially switched over to my new MacBook Pro as my primary computerThree words: I love it. Plus, it looks so very nice alongside my iPhone 4 and 120GB iPod Classic. I am officially an Apple Geek, and I’m totally OK with it.
  3. In approximately 24 hours I will be getting ready to line up for commencement and will officially graduate from Ashland Theological Seminary with my M.Div. It’s weird to think about what life will be like without papers to write and absurd amounts of required reading. It’s been an incredible 3 year journey, and I’m SO thankful to God for the many blessings of the seminary journey. Starting at noon tomorrow, you may call me Master Erin. 😉 (Just kidding!)
  4. This weekend is going to be full of lots of goodbyes. With seminary graduation tomorrow, my last day at Parma Lutheran Church on Sunday, and a graduation/going away party Sunday afternoon, it’s going to be an emotional weekend. I’ve never been a fan of goodbyes. It’s a little easier now that we live in the age of Facebook and social media, but there are some people that I’m definitely going to miss seeing in the flesh on a regular basis.
  5. I hate packing. If there’s anything that I’ve learned from moving all my personal effects 5+ times in the past 10 years it’s that packing is a process that I really don’t like. However, packing is exactly what I will be doing for the next week as Scott and I get ready to embark on a new adventure in Dayton, Ohio. It’s an exciting time, but it just seems like there is so much to do.

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