Friday Five: May 13, 2011

Random thoughts from this week:

  1. Today is Friday the 13th. Maybe I’ll act extra strange today… just because I have an excuse, right?
  2. The graduation interview process yesterday was spirit-filled. It’s really humbling to sit in the company of ministry leaders and mentors and be affirmed for ministry. I was able to talk about some things in that interview that I never would have anticipated revealing when I entered seminary three years ago. I am eternally grateful to those who have given me that voice over the past three years.
  3. We reserved our moving truck this week. We’re less than a month from the big move, and yet it seems like there is still SO much to do.
  4. I love following the #youthministry hashtag on twitter. Especially when brilliance like this shows up: “@stevenargue: The way one says goodbye is just as important as the way one says hello #transitions #youthministry.” Seriously. Amen. And amen.
  5. There are still days when I wonder if I’m cut out for youth ministry. If God could really use a messed up, confused person like me to further his kingdom among young people. Is that normal?

One thought on “Friday Five: May 13, 2011

  1. In answer to #5, yes it’s normal to feel that way. It shows that you are self-reflective and comitted to self-growth. God does not call the equipped, He equips the called. Amen.


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