Friday Five: May 6, 2011

Random thoughts from this week:

  1. I graduate four weeks from tomorrow. I’m attempting to get all my academic work done in the next three weeks. I have my graduation interview next Thursday. This is really happening.
  2. I received a text message yesterday from a member of the church I will be serving starting in June–wanted to know how the transition process is going and to let me know that they are praying for Scott and I, our youth group kids in Parma, and our family as we are moving through the transition process. I’ve hit the point now in the process (drudging through school work, classes, etc. and not necessarily worrying about the job search process anymore) where it’s easy to forget some days that this transition is actually happening. It’s so encouraging to know that people are praying me through the process. And even more encouraging to hear that people from the new church are praying for the kids at my current church. What a beautiful image of the Body of Christ!
  3. I love the fact that my high school youth aren’t afraid to remind me of all of the crazy things I have done/said in the past few years when we are sitting around and remembering where we’ve been. Those kids remember stuff that I don’t remember!
  4. I love hearing about friends who are getting started in youth ministry. A friend of mine just started a position at a Methodist Church about an hour from where I’ll be serving in Dayton. I’m so excited for her, and I love seeing her energy and excitement as she’s starting out!
  5. I am absolutely loving my new iPhone 4. After getting over (almost) the novelty period where I was playing with it constantly, I am starting to see now how it really is helping me to be more productive. Maybe I’ll do a post on my favorite apps one of these days.

One thought on “Friday Five: May 6, 2011

  1. Erin:
    I am looking forward to your Interview on Thursday. Your portfolio looks great.
    I enjoyed your paper on “Incarnational Youth Ministry.”
    Your spiritual gifts inventory is right, you are a good writer –
    very natural and easy to read.
    Take care,


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