Snow Day

I can remember the excitement as a kid.  Any time anyone talked about getting a significant amount of snow, we would all put our pajamas on inside out, do the “snow day dance” before going to bed, and pray ever so fervently that God would bless us with a much desired day off school.

And then, when God’s good graces did bless us with a day off, we would proceed to spend most of the day complaining about how bored we were.


That dreaded mood would assuredly occupy the majority of the day.  Unashamedly we would proclaim: we’re bored!

Well, the truth is… not much has changed.

The main difference, I suppose, is that boredom is no longer… well, boring.

As a seminary student, I still enjoy a good snow day.  So, after the main campus shut down yesterday, and with the impending snowpocalypse upon us, you can bet that I turned into that excited and anxious third grader that I used to be.

I wore my pajamas inside out.
I prayed fervently for classes to be cancelled for Wednesday, a day on which I normally have 9 hours of classes.
I even stayed up later than I should have, already anticipating that I wouldn’t have to wake up with my 5:45am alarm clock.

Sure enough,  5:34am I get a text message: SEMINARY MAIN CAMPUS CLOSED.


I turned off the 5:45am alarm clock, slept until 8:00am, and proceeded to enjoy perhaps the most relaxing snow day in all of my scholastic history.

I stayed in my pajamas ALL day.
I watched 16 episodes of The Office on DVD.
I enjoyed a couple cups of coffee.
I didn’t do anything related to school.

Boredom?  Maybe.  But, it turns out, boredom is no longer boring when life is usually busy.

Maybe my dad has been right all along.

Those who can achieve boredom without being bored are really lucky.


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